"Tired of getting nicks and cuts from blades that go dull after a few shaves?" With the Save A Blade razor sharpener, "there's an easy way to save your money and save your skin."

The device extends blade life fortyfold, enabling up to 200 "perfect shaves" on a single blade. "Just slide the razor inside, press the button, and in seconds, your razor is like new again."

According to the product literature, a "precision Silicone [sic] Carbide sharpening member" rotates 60 times per second to hone the blade. "For Best Results, use Save A Blade to maintain the sharpness of NEW BLADES. Trying to re-sharpen blades that are quite dull is not recommended."

  • Get up to 200 perfect shaves from a single blade.
  • Cordless electric sharpener sweeps across virtually any style or type of razor blade-from single blade disposables to multi-blade cartridges-to renew its sharpness in seconds.
  • Easy push-button operation.