Your Direct Response Television Partner


The principals of Exceptional Products, Inc. have over 50 years of direct response marketing experience, including hands-on experience with proven direct response television ("DRTV") winners like Save A Blade®, TriplEdge® Windshield Wiper, Wrap, Snap & Go! hair curlers, TopsyTail Hairstyling Tool, Hairdini® Magic Styling Wand, Braidini® French Braider, Weed Terminator® and HobbyLab's SR-71 Blackbird. Although our primary focus is the long-term development of new, innovative consumer goods, it may be easier to get to know us by what we are not.

Your Direct Response Television Partner

  • We're not a patent factory and we don't charge for product evaluations!
  • We don't charge for production of television commercials. We are not an ad agency, we produce our own DRTV commercials for new inventions and ideas to market new products nationally.
  • We don't ask for or accept upfront payments or monthly retainers -- instead, we'll invest our own money in your product! We make money when you do- when the product sells. Should the product fail, we lose whatever money we have invested- not your life savings. Reviews are free- we will tell you if we are willing to invest our money in your new product idea free - all you risk is an email.

Your Direct Response Television Partner

EPI only makes money when your product sells.

We specialize in reducing the risks associated with marketing and distributing new products. With our domestic and foreign sources, we can also arrange product tooling and manufacturing.

How does EPI work?

Simply pick up the telephone and call us or send an e-mail to tell us about your product. After a careful and timely review (usually within 5 business days), we'll respond in writing whether we think EPI can help. All our agreements are performance related, so there is absolutely no risk on your part. We'll create, test and evaluate an original DRTV campaign featuring your product - typically within 120 days. If the market responds to your product the way it has to other successful products we've launched, we'll become your turnkey solution -- television, radio, print and retail. If our campaign doesn't produce immediate results, you've lost nothing and still gained additional insight into your product.

But Wait, There's More!

Thinking about marketing your new product by yourself? Ask yourself the following questions and we're convinced you'll agree EPI is the better choice.

Your Direct Response Television Partner

  • Capital - How much will it take to develop, protect, manufacture and test market your product? Do you have the funds necessary and are you willing to risk them?
  • Protection - Can the idea be patented or is it even worth patenting? After all, not all patents are created equally. Does your product infringe on an existing patent? Are there other means to protect your product in the marketplace?
  • Time - Do you have the time to invest in your product? Time is money.
  • Expertise - Do you have the expertise to ensure your product succeeds?
  • Pricing & Profit - How should you price your product and what level of profitability can you reasonably expect?

Take the first step towards your success


If you have an established product or a new product idea that you're convinced is ripe for DRTV success, call or e-mail us now to start selling your new product on television immediately!

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