Exceptional Products, Inc. (EPI) is a direct response marketing company that specializes in creating nationally known brand names for new products by using infomercials, direct response television and other marketing methods. EPI is always looking for new products to make into household names. If you are looking to market your new patented idea, call or email us today. Your idea may be the next million dollar idea! Products need to be unique, have great visual demonstrations, solve common problems and are patented or can be patented.

  • Nationally advertise your product for FREE! We don't charge inventors or product owners for product reviews. we do not make marketing plans or act as an invention broker. We will review your product to quickly determine if we are willing to risk our money on your idea.
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Seen one of our recent commercials? If you want more information on Plaque Attack, please email service@sellontv.clients.liquidwebmasters.com! Thank you for your order!


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